Edutopia: Am I the only one who was in the dark?

Since starting this program, I have been more engaged on Twitter (or trying to be). Through this, I have found Where has this been all my life? Am I the only one who has been in the dark about this site? Wow-that a plethora of resources at your fingertips. If you follow me on Twitter (@kstelter96), you will see I retweet a lot of what I see from Edutopia.There is just so much about anything and everything related to education. Most recently I read a post about homework vs no homework but I have read articles ranging from how to incorporate technology into the classroom to questions parents can ask their kids about their school days to bullying. There is tons there to read, as well as resources, and I have only skimmed the surface. I need more hours in a day so I can spend some quality time with Edutopia.

I have include Edutopia under Blogs I follow along with an “about us” blurb from their website.


Sept 29, 2015 My First Post

I have been on this Instructional Technology journey since the end of August, so I am a month and some days into it. When I signed up for this program, I had no idea it would be this involved. I have taken other courses online and they were pretty much “do the reading/activity, answer the guided question the teacher provided and start a discussion” type of class so when I started this program and have seen how much involvement was required (like, I have to sit through class online through video!), I was a bit shocked. And overwhelmed. Wait, I am still overwhelmed. But I am learning so much and stepping out of my comfort zone and broadening my horizons when it comes to technology.

I have begun to make changes in my classroom. The first writing task my students completed was to write a children’s story. Typically, I would have had them type the story and then illustrate it using drawings or pictures found on the internet. Because of one of the assignments I had to complete was to introduce myself using some type of media, I decided the students would make their children’s stories into cartoons. They had fun playing with and using the technology and the cartoons made their stories more interesting to read. I am including one of the videos.

Please note: I teach high school. My boys ran with this and while their stories are not necessarily appropriate for a children’s story, I am just going to take the victory that I got them to write 🙂