Sept 29, 2015 My First Post

I have been on this Instructional Technology journey since the end of August, so I am a month and some days into it. When I signed up for this program, I had no idea it would be this involved. I have taken other courses online and they were pretty much “do the reading/activity, answer the guided question the teacher provided and start a discussion” type of class so when I started this program and have seen how much involvement was required (like, I have to sit through class online through video!), I was a bit shocked. And overwhelmed. Wait, I am still overwhelmed. But I am learning so much and stepping out of my comfort zone and broadening my horizons when it comes to technology.

I have begun to make changes in my classroom. The first writing task my students completed was to write a children’s story. Typically, I would have had them type the story and then illustrate it using drawings or pictures found on the internet. Because of one of the assignments I had to complete was to introduce myself using some type of media, I decided the students would make their children’s stories into cartoons. They had fun playing with and using the technology and the cartoons made their stories more interesting to read. I am including one of the videos.

Please note: I teach high school. My boys ran with this and while their stories are not necessarily appropriate for a children’s story, I am just going to take the victory that I got them to write 🙂


One thought on “Sept 29, 2015 My First Post

  1. I have felt the same way the past month – overwhelmed. However, I am learning a lot and my understanding of instructional technology has grown. I love having students try new Web 2.0 tools. They get so excited, and sometimes frustrated when they can’t figure it out right away. I stumbled across Make Beliefs Comix (create comic strips) and plan to use it next week. Maybe you could use it in some of your classes.


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