TPACK…what is it??

This week is the first time I have heard about TPaCK. What is it you ask? It is Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge. As I understand it, it is using the content we teach, the pedagogy we use to teach and technology and uniting these ideas to support good teaching.


I found the image at the above site. I like this image because it provides an explanation for each area of TPACK within the diagram. All of the definitions of each area are right there and easy to see.

The writer of this blog also has some interesting comments and observations about TPACK and SAMR as well. The writer of this blog, Mark Anderson, wrote something I think well written and speaks the truth:

             “Educators are already going to be the masters of pedagogy and content knowledge in the classroom. It is their domain of expertise. These two areas will have been studied, examined, researched and developed during their training as educators. It still goes on in their every day practice too as they further develop their knowledge understanding and skills in these areas. For many however, technology knowledge is not their everyday area of expert knowledge. It goes to say then therefore that teachers need the support of their respective schools in order to facilitate this development so that teachers can make the informed decisions about when it is right to use (or not to use) technology within the classroom.”

I also found this image that also helps to explain the different parts of TPaCK. This is obviously adapted to help someone who teaches music to think about the different areas of TPaCK and how it relates to her or him but it could be easily adapted to our own content areas to help guide us along this journey.  TPACK Samples.png

I have this (growing) understanding of TPaCK and what it includes so how about how this relates to me and my classroom? Dr. Z had a video about on using TPaCK for grammar in middle school (, which gave me an idea on how to teach the boring grammar as well as has me thinking about different ways I can incorporate technology to teach other content as well.

In my search, I found this presentation of a lesson plan and how it breaks down according to TPaCK. Now, I realize that not all lesson plans teachers write and use are as detailed as this but this presentation demonstrates how all the elements of TPaCK can be included within a lesson.

This lesson, Lesson planning with TPaCK, takes a more traditional type of lesson and demonstrates how it can be changed to meet TPaCK qualifications.

TPACK in K-6 Literacy education really breaks things down. First, it goes through the different parts of TPack and gives examples and ends with sample TPACK lesson plans for K-6 literacy. I think looking at the ideas on this page will help me develop lessons for my own classroom.

I feel I have a lot of work to do. I want my students to be engaged and motivated and learning and I do feel incorporating technology will help. But, it has to be meaningful incorporation and that is one of my goals. I would love to develop some lesson plans and share these with my staff. I need to get to work 🙂